Mike ALWAYS brings the show!

Whether you want The King or The Ace at your next event you can be sure of one thing: an incredible show. Michael’s incredible magic and engaging personality creates a sense of excitement and amazement in guests from all walks of life, and his smart, accessible presentation makes it the perfect entertainment. Whether performing close-up at tables or walkaround, or his incredible cabaret and stage performances, Mike’s remarkable style will create a memorable moment for every one of your guests.

Table hopping

Michael brings his magic directly to your guests and performs his unique effects right under their noses. Table hopping is perfect for banquet and wedding events, as Michael can move between tables entertaining the groups between courses or to ensure time between speeches is filled. Table hopping magic is also great for breaking the ice and bringing groups together - often guests might be seated with people they don’t know, and don’t have anything to talk about to. Once they have seen The King or The Ace, they will be buzzing and ready to talk about what just happened.

Table hopping is great for all kinds of events where your guests are seated at tables, and since Michael requires no additional equipment to stage his performances in this format, it is extremely flexible. To find out how best to use Michael’s table-hopping magic at your next event, either as The King or The Ace, please get in touch.


An informal and intimate performance style, Michael moves through the event almost as a guest, introducing himself to groups and individuals and using his close-up magic skills to create powerful moments of excitement for them. Walkaround magic is ideal for receptions and during downtime in events between presentations or speeches. Anywhere that people are gathered during your event and you want to create a buzz or get your guests excited and animated, Michael can be your secret weapon.

Michael’s remarkable walkaround magic creates huge moments but physically it’s small and doesn’t require additional equipment or staging. The presentation is flexible and can be tailored to your exact needs. Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements and how best to make use of Michael’s strolling magic.


With his exciting intimate cabaret performance Michael performs a set of stand-up magic for a small audience of up to 50 people,  taking them on a fantastic tour of his amazing abilities. With the assistance of members of the audience Michael will, as either The King or The Ace, build an atmosphere of genuine mystery and wonder as he performs engaging person-to-person magic.

Mike’s cabaret set is perfect for small gatherings and events, getting a crowd motivated, and his presentation can be tailored specifically for your event’s requirements. Performing the cabaret set requires seating arranged for all audience members to clearly see the presentation. If the audience are standing a raised platform of at least 25cm is required. Additional technical requirements (lighting,  amplification etc) venue dependent. Please contact Mike to discuss your exact needs and determine exactly how his incredible cabaret act can best be used at your event.

Stage show

Michael’s amazing stage show will wow your guests and leave any audience slack-jawed with amazement. As either The King or The Ace Mike commands the stage and delivers a brilliant performance exploring the limits of magic and belief. Created for audiences of 30+, the stage show is perfect for as the finale of an event, or as an engaging part of a programme of entertainment. Mike’s presentation can be tailored to include your message for corporate events.

The technical requirements of the stage show are dependent on the venue. Please contact Mike as early as possible to ensure his availability and to discuss the technical requirements of your event,  and how either The King or The Ace can rock your stage.

Although these four formats are the standard shows that Michael brings to life, we believe every event is different and unique, and Michael’s performances are flexible and customisable -  if you want something that is not covered by the listed formats, contact Mike today to find out how he can fulfil your needs.

However you bring Mike to the party, to guests at their tables, wowing face-to-face with his strolling magic, in intimate cabaret or theatrical stage, whether as the classy King or the vibrant Ace, you can be sure that Mike will always bring the show, and blow the roof your next event.

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